Dipping Instrument (ODI/U-000)



This instrument is designed For R&D to low production scale facilities to treat sheet type membrane or other pad materials.

(*Compatible for both Immunoassay and Urine assay)

1) Place membrane sheet on plate made of SUS Mesh.
2) Immerse it in dip tank.
3) Place the treated sheet on a Receptacle for the next drying process.

1) Dip Tank : Reagent is filled in the dip tank
2) Water Bath : Reagent temperature can be maintained by heater (Option)
3) SUS Mesh : Sheet is placed on the SUS mesh for dipping
4) Receptacle : Receptacle for reagent receiving


    - Dimension
    : About 628(L) x 603(W) x 940(H) mm
    - Tank Size
    : 390 (L) x 280(W) x 65(H) mm
    - SUS Mesh Size
    : About 304 x 234 mm
    - Water Bath
    : Temperature : about 40~80 ±10℃

    NOTICE: Due to constant engineering improvements, some information including photos and product specifications may not be of current. Thus all information herein is subject to change without prior notice.

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