Band Sealer


Band Sealer

Band sealer is used for one side sealing work of most thermo-plastic films by continual heating method. As the operator manually feeds each filled pouch from one end, the sealer and the conveyor carries the pouch until it is sealed and discharged.

The machine can be equipped with vacuum suction (option) to remove air and dust inside the pouch before sealing. Also, a printing gadget (option) can be installed for basic printing needs such as LOT, EXP numbers.

Seal Speed 0~11m/minute
Seal Heater 400W × 2
Power 870W
Conveyor Belt 200(W) × 1200(L) mm
Size (mm) 1310(L) × 630(W) × 1150(H)
Printer Coder
Volt 110/230V, AC, 50/60Hz

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