Auto Feeding Row Slitter (RSAG-110)



[From Sheet to Row]

RSAG-110 is an automatic slitting system that slits finished glucose test sheets into smaller widths of row sizes (row card).

The system works by automatically feeding the stacked sheets into the slitter to cut them into rows, the cut rows then go through inspection process where the “Good and No Good” (non-marked and NG-marked) rows are sorted out to separate storing devices.

The entire operation is automatic and hands-free for the maximum production benefit.

(For the next process; see PAG-440 for the good rows and PAG-501 for the bad rows)
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- Stack Elevator
: 200 sheets loading Finger Carrier tool (Robot and vacuum)
- Row Slitter :

   Slitting Count
: Sheet slits into 10 rows (Or as per customer’s requirement)

   Blade Heat Treatment
: High temperature tempering

   Blade Hardness
: Rockwell hardness – more than Hrc50

   Blade Coating
: Titanium coating

   Cutting Position
: Adjustable by built in micrometer

- Row Receiver and Magazine
: Elevator type (Cut rows are stacked into each magazine)
- Conveyor System (Width)
: Motor and belt system
- System Control
: PLC Control - touch screen
- Motor
: Adjustable speed control


- Applicable Sheet
: Finished glucose test sheet
- Sheet Loading Capacity
: Max 300 sheets
- Capacity
: About 720 sheet/hour (Based on tact time max. 5 sec)
- Slitting Accuracy
: ±0.1 mm
- Power
: 220VAC, 1P, 50/60Hz
- Current
: 2.2KVA, 10A
- Air Requirement
: 5~7kgf/㎠ (constant pressure supply)

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