Multi-Channel Dispenser (DSG-025)



DSG-025 is a precision reagent dispensing system that is able to dispense from a single line (stripes) to multiple lines (or dot) to printed sheets.

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  • Programmable touch screen panel allows for easy setup and operation
  • Dispensing selection of line or dot
  • Dispensing lines of single to multiple lines can be selected for flexibility of operations
  • Reversible pump allows for easy functions for purging, cleaning, and reclaiming
  • Micrometer for fine-adjustment of space between dispensing lines and tip height
  • Adjustable dispensing volume (total and per cm) and bed feeding speed
  • Equipped with advanced precision robotic conveyance system
  • Separate pumps for each channel ensure accurate dispensing volume, easier control and higher stability
  • Tip cleaning function to upkeep dispensing accuracy


- Applicable Sheet Size
: Max. 320 x 320 mm
- Dispensing Volume
: Micro-liter to nano-liter (As per customer’s requirement)
- Pump
: Hi-resolution pump
- Accuracy
: Less than 1.0% deviation from expected result at full stroke
- Precision
: Less than 0.05% CV at full stroke
- Power
: 110 or 230 V, 50 or 60 Hz

NOTICE: Due to constant engineering improvements, some information including photos and product specifications may not be of current. Thus all information herein is subject to change without prior notice.

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